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Border, visa and customs information

On the Belizean border

  • You do not need to pay a fee to enter the Belize border but you have to pay a fee of USD $20 for leaving.
  • A valid passport is required.
  • No visa is required, a tourist visa is issued when you arrive to stay no more then 30 days, for all Central American countries except Panama where you must get a visa from a local Belize embassy

Customs Rules

Every traveler arriving in Belize has to complete and sign a customs declaration. This form will be provided by your airline or can be obtained at the customs offices.

Personal items exempt from duty:

  • Clothing, personal items, toiletries, make-up, recreational items, and medicines in limited quantities which are necessary or appropiate to meet the needs of the traveler.
  • A camera or video recorder.
  • A portable audio recorder and player.
  • A portable computer or typewriter.
  • Other items in limited quantities for personal use only.
  • Up to $10,000 in cash or checks

In addition to baggage, each traveler may import goods after paying the respective duties. These goods may not be in commercial quantities and are subject to non-tariff regulations and restrictions in force.

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